Ok I lied when I said 2017 was going to be a year of consistency on this blog. I clearly fell off the wagon and totally forgot to write here. So let me catch you up on what has been going on.
I finished business school in December and started 2018 with so many new year resolutions.

We are eight months deep into this year and I don't know what I have accomplished so far. At least I am alive lol. One of my resolution was to do more hair styles and create more so far I think I am accomplishing that goal. I sewed a few bonnets for my sister, cousin, and some friends. I won't  make any more promises only to break them.


The last time I wrote on this blog was two years ago and since then, so much has happened. Where do I start?? I graduated from the community college and moved out of my parents' and moved in with my sister. I also started Business school two years ago and had my first experience working in the corporate world. But now, we are in 2017 and I can't wait to tell you first hand all this year offers me.


I am a little later on this post but, still I will go ahead with it. For the summer sale hype, Topshop was selling these beauties of a very reasonable price so as always your girl wanted in. They are not every day shoes which makes it quite interesting and exciting to own. Topshop's delivery always takes about a month to get to it's destination so, during the wait, I salivated for a very long time before i could get my hands on them. But now, I finally have them and I am filled with great euphoric delight.


For the longest time I have been in search for the perfect matte foundation but, all my efforts seemed in vain. That was before I set my eyes on this foundation, Teint Idole Ultra 24H by Lancome.  It is indeed an incredible gem. It is light to medium coverage but, it also can be full coverage. I got it in the shade 540 Suede (W). Along with the foundation, i got a Tote bag, a face wash, a face moisturizer, a face youth serum, a mascara and lip stick all for free. I must say my visit to Lancome last week has served a greater purpose than I imagined.

DIY/ Green Smoothies

For some months now i have implemented smoothies (especially green smoothies) into my diet. I use them as meal replacements and also to help me detox. I have more eating cleaning posts that are going to be coming up on the blog so stay posted. 
Whey Protein (Vanilla)

Put the protein, spinach, mango,apple, orange and banana into the blender. Add in some ice and some water and then blend. Pour into a glass and savor.


A girl with a wild passion for DIYs and anything fashion and skin related. A dautgher, sister and friend in the making. Above all a lover of adventure and the finest things in life.
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